Victory’s Mastery of the Personality II Workshop

Birth Trauma

The Individual Self Cultivation workshops offered through Directive Intelligence Facilitation© are for those who want to reconnect with their Innate Authentic Self, the Three-Fold Principle of Light, Life, and Love.

Victory’s Mastery of the Personality II: Birth Trauma is the second workshop in the Victory’s Mastery Series. In this workshop we will introduce you to several procedures that detect and manage imprinted stress patterns from conception, gestation, birth, and after-birth traumas that adversely impact your daily life. These traumas are associated with life scripts such as:
“I’m being pulled in all directions.”
“I’ll never be good enough.”
“I’m starved for affection.”
“Everything I do is backwards.”
“No one is here for me.”
“My life is a mess.”
“I can’t win.”
Many of our self-defeating attitudes are engrained at birth. These imprinted/engraved psyche-traumas override the normal mind-body functions when you are dis-stressed. This excess energy channeled into the organs produces inflammation, adrenal dysfunction, and immune system dysfunction. They can manifest in the neuro-muscular system as pain and tension, in the brain as obsessive compulsive thoughts, as depression and a host of other illnesses. Through TKMT you can manage these imprints and neutralize their effects so you can be able to live a happier and a more vibrant and purposeful life with yourself and family.

Change the way you think and feel about your psychological, intellectual, and emotional well-being by understanding the impact early development has had on your life. Change your life scripts and liberate the attitudes that allow you to express your creative potentials.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

Detect and Manage:

  • Birth Traumas
  • Childhood / Adult Traumas
  • Core Beliefs
  • Self-Sabotage Scripts/Beliefs
  • Destructive/Progressive Mind Sets
  • Victim Consciousness

Manage the optimization of structure/ function/efficiency of the brain with:

  • TKMT
  • Nutrition
  • Physical Exercises

Enhance your being with:

  • Positive Affirmations
  • Progressive Psyche States of Being

Learn strategies for a better life and well-being. True health is being vital… feeling alive. Make your mind more mentally alert, clear, and have emotional responses that are appropriate to the circumstances of your life.

Prerequisite: The Essence of Mudra I and II and Victory’s Mastery of the Personality I