The Essence of Mudra I Workshop

Theokinetic Mudra Technology’s© The Essence of Mudra I Workshop is designed for people looking for the next step in personal development. This workshop will give you TKMT tools enabling you to change your energies and improve your life.

The Essence of Mudra I Workshop assists you in experiencing the “ME” in your Heart. This center unfolds the Love, Wisdom, and Power necessary for Life’s expression. TKMT helps to harmoniously distribute the flow of Life Energy from your “ME” Heart Center throughout your physical body, emotional body, and mind body. With application, this increased level of awareness makes it possible for you to more effectively and efficiently unfold the direction and purpose of your life.

Each participant will be taught our unique Prajna Response Testing© (PRT), a self-testing procedure. PRT is easy to learn and with practice gives you a reliable way to monitor yourself and your environment. Use PRT daily to assist in choosing your optimal food and nutrition or identify major stress factors affecting you.

Mudra: “made by hand”. A mudra is formed by bringing the fingers and hands together in a unique sequence. Forming a mudra directs the energies of nature harmoniously and safely into and throughout your body in a specific pattern. At times it is as if you tripped a breaker switch in your body, mudras appear to reconnect these “switches”.

The Parusha (True Self, I AM) Maha (Great) Arogya (Wholeness) Mudra starts the TKMT operating system and connects you with your Unfed Flame Heart Center.  With this connection you can begin to take command of your life.

Enhance your daily life with Empowerment Mudras and Command Statements. Calm your spirit and set the “tone” for your day. Empowerment Mudras include:

  • Glory
  • Grace
  • Gratitude
  • Harmony
  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Victory
  • Purity
  • All Encompassing

BioEnergy is living energy, a part of you that runs all the time. Daily stress can impact this energy level making you feel depleted. Use mudras to test and optimize your BioEnergy.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Use Mudras to connect and communicate with your “Divine Self”.
  • Perform an accurate PRT self-test procedure. Practice testing different food items and stressors to become proficient with PRT.
  • Use Empowerment Mudras to enhance your daily life.
  • Use mudras to test and optimize your BioEnergy.
  • Use a mudra to determine your priority.
  • Identify hand lines and points to form mudras.

Theokinetic Mudra Technology gives you the means to blossom in yourself the energy of LIFE making each day an event to remember.