Theokinetic Mudra Technology Workshops – Overview
Directive Intelligence Facilitating Individual Self Cultivation© offers a series of Theokinetic Mudra Technology© Workshops for you to experience the “ME” in your Heart and learn tools enabling you to change your energies and improve your life.

The Essence of Mudra I and II Workshops are the foundation courses that all of our workshops build on. Applying these workshop tools gives you a practical, reliable, and efficient process to realize and unfold your Life’s Potential.

The Victory’s Mastery of the Personality I and II Workshops are designed to teach you how to Empower yourself. Applying these workshop tools will allow you to take command of your life and express your creative potential.

The Facilitator I, II, and III Workshops are designed for those who are interested in advanced TKMT training and facilitating individual TKMT wellness sessions. Through the Facilitator Workshops, you will gain an in-depth understanding and practice of TKMT. Additional training is required for individuals to become TKMT Workshop Instructors.

Come and enjoy a peaceful and comfortable environment while experiencing this amazing process of restoration.