Individual TKMT Wellness Sessions

In addition to Theokinetic Mudra Technology Self Cultivation Workshops, individual wellness sessions with a qualified TKMT Facilitator are available. The TKMT Facilitator will help you make the mudras with your hands. During the first session, the facilitator will help you:

  • Synergize your Brain Hemispheres, enabling you to cognize more efficiently.
  • Test for and Optimize your BioEnergy.
  • Optimize your Desire to Live, to be Alive, and to express Life to the fullest that you are capable.
  • Optimize your Will to be Healthy.

For each additional session the TKMT Facilitator will guide the process as you, the individual, deals with your primary issue (emotional, mental, physical), identifying which nature (physical, emotional, mental, vital) is being affected by your problem, and manage the issue with TKMT through mudras and nutrition.

Private TKMT appointments are available at the following locations.

Cincinnati, OH
Theokinetic Mudra Technology
Peggy Kramer, TKMT Facilitator
8116 Fontaine Court
Cincinnati, Ohio 45236
Phone: 513-675-5029
Contact us at [email protected]

Tyler, TX
Peaceful Solutions
Clifford Mullins
14653 Eastside Drive
Tyler, Texas 75707
Phone: 903-566-4449

Turpin, OK
Natural Health Center
Dr. Dan Cullum
420 Yucca Lane
Turpin, OK 73950
Phone: 580-778-3310