Theokinetic Mudra Technology

The Commanding Presence is a representation of you; the “ME”, “MYSELF”, and “I AM”.

Directive Intelligence Facilitating Individual Self Cultivation

The Commanding Presence
The Commanding Presence is a representation of you; the “ME”, “MYSELF”, and “I AM”.
The bottom figure is representative of the human self – the four lower bodies (physical, vital, emotional, lower mental). Around that form is the radiant solid pillar of diamond white Light, ever moving – spinning, blazing, sweeping, dancing, driving, intensifying, and exploding. Interpenetrating this Supernal Radiant Diamond Light is the Ever Merciful, Graceful Energy of The Transmuting Violet Flame. This Flame is ever driving, sweeping, spinning, blazing, intensifying, expanding, and exploding at your command. The Transmuting Violet Flame is the Flame of Mercy, Grace, and Compassion. In Its every action, it transforms and transmutes all discord, all misqualified energies that has ever been consciously or unconsciously created by human consciousness.

Anchored in the Heart is the Unfed Flame. The Unfed Flame in the Heart is the Sacred Fire of the Mighty I AM Presence. The Unfed Flame is the sustaining Light Energy and Power of the physical body and outer self. By this Energy, Power, and Radiation of the Unfed Flame, the physical body and outer self is able to carry on the life processes that enable you to be (act, feel, say, think) in this physical world. The Triple Nature of the Unfed Flame – Prema (Divine Love), Prajna (Divine Wisdom), and Power, needs to be in Dynamic Harmonious Equilibrium to attain your Victory, and produce the Perfection that you require in this world.

The middle figure is the Holy Christ Self – the Higher Mental Body Complex. It abides between the I AM Presence and the human self. The Holy Christ Self is the action of the I AM Presence that knows both the Perfection of the I AM Presence and also the imperfection and needs and requirements of the human – the lower self. The Holy Christ Self is like a step down transformer with the capacity to act in the lower realms. The Holy Christ Self does not accept any imperfection of the outer but remains wholly pure and perfect. It is the vehicle through which the I AM Presence acts in the four lower realms of creation. The Holy Christ Self is provided by the I AM Presence to act for and take care of requirements of the outer self and to assist the I AM Presence to fulfill Its Divine Purpose.

The top figure is the I AM Presence, your individualized source. It is in a body of light substance. The I AM Presence is not visible to the physical sight because its vibration is much higher. The I AM Presence supplies the outer self with life, intelligence, power, and action. Try to cognize when contemplating the I AM Presence, that in It are the powers of the universe, given to you as a gift of Divine Love. Attention to the I AM Presence is the most powerful thing in the Universe. Since we have free will, realize that your I AM Presence will not act in our world except by invitation. As you give attention to and call to your I AM Presence, It will expand more and more through you. As less attention is given to discord, the I AM Presence expands and increases Its Light in you. The Unfed Flame in the Heart is an extension of the I AM Presence, but the greater part is above. More and more of the I AM Presence can be drawn forth and made manifest through the physical form. The need of all humans is to get more of the I AM Presence in action through the physical body. This is done through consciousness and not through a concept of form in three-dimensional activity. Your I AM Presence is the Foundation of the Universe; It is ONE with the Great Almighty I AM Presence. Your I AM Presence has projected you – the light pattern – the immaculate blueprint upon which your human form is built, so you see you are a part of the great perfection.